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Why use LED Bulbs

Why use LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs have come a long way over the last decade. Not only are the facts of their longevity becoming more popular, their prices are also becoming more affordable. There are plenty of pros and a few cons to LED bulbs and if you look at a long-term picture the LED’s win hands down.

The Pros:
• No Mercury
• Some models can be used in dimmers
• Immediately Light-Up
• Stay cool to the touch
• Cold temperatures are no longer an issue
• Can last up 25,000 hours (almost a lifetime)

The Cons:
• Cost a little more than what you used to buy.
•Light may not spread out as much, more direct.

Bottom line you will spend about $8.00 a bulb, which should last about 23 years so you might spend $32.00 a bulb in your lifetime. If you were to replace 20 bulbs in your home to LED light bulbs, you could save up to $3100 or more over their 23-year lifespan (assuming utility rates don’t increase).  Consider the options you don’t want to be left in the dark when your standard bulbs become obsolete.


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